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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Eleven Month Update

It's already that time again.

Eating is going well. He loves turkey and rotisserie chicken. We're testing the waters with regular lactose dairy products. I'm not noticing anything different, so fingers crossed, we might be fine with regular stuff. He is doing better about pacing himself with finger foods, but shoved too many yogurt bites in the other day and choked and then threw up. It was gross and my brother went and hid.

Night sleep is a dream, but naps aren't. I've accepted that he just might not be a good nap taker, and will always be rather inconsistent. Life goes on.

New This Month:
Standing unassisted. He is walking around furniture and getting into everything with his ten foot long arms. I babyproofed as much as I could, and so far we're getting along fine. His hair grew a lot this month, and he has started to growl. Yes, growl. He also likes to open mouth kiss the dog, so there is that. They're besties.

He loves the dog so much. I noticed his independent side when my brothers were staying with us for a week. He loves them so much, but he just wanted to play alone. I noticed the look because I was feeling the same way. He had a good time with them though. He likes playing in his room and will crawl back there by himself.

As parents:
It has been nice to get back into post-holiday life. Things have settled down a bit and we've been going over the past year a lot. It's amazing how a year ago we weren't parents, and weren't sure if it was all going to work out or not. It's incredible how much has changed and how much we love it. Other than that it has been pretty quiet around these parts and we like it.


  1. Can I get a video of this growling? It sounds like the cutest/funniest thing I've seen in a while.

  2. SO cute!! I remember the phase where the monthly pictures were impossible to take. Yours turned out a lot better than mine. Mine were always a complete blur. :-)

  3. How sweet he likes to crawl into his room and be alone! When the older of my brothers was that age he would crawl to the fridge and just wait till someone opened it and he would try and grab at anything!



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