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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Babies Don't Need Everything

Just in case I have any expectant moms that follow me, I want to put my two cents out there along with everyone else in the world giving you advice. It's easy to get overwhelmed into thinking you NEED every little thing that Babies R Us has to offer, but I promise you you don't. I wrote this post for Hellobee, but I thought it was worth sharing here with you. Basically I was told that most people used everything on this list, so take what you will.

Before Isaiah was born I had lots of thoughts about what we HAD to have. I had no idea, and thought we needed absolutely everything. I was wrong.

1. Wipes Warmer - We didn't get one, and didn't need one.

2. Boppy - I thought this was my number one, must have item. We got one secondhand, and I'm grateful I didn't get it full price. This just wasn't useful for us feeding bottles. It was more of a hassle than just using the pillows we already have.

3. Formula Mixing Pitcher - I mixed the formula and water in the bottle I was going to be using. I hate having extra dishes to wash, so I made it work. I used the pitcher once when I first opened it.

4. Pack N Play - Since I try to keep Isaiah inclined to help his reflux, we don't use this much. The only time we do is if he's taking a nap on his tummy, but he would be able to do that anywhere. It came with a changing table that we used once because when we put the baby on it, it leaned, and since we're first time parents, he peed everywhere and we decided to remove it completely from the frame.

5. Swing - We didn't get one, and I'm glad. Isaiah sat in a swing for the first time at two months and hated it. My MIL bought one for her house and he projectile vomited. Now that I think of it, I haven't seen that swing since.

6. Bottle Warmer - We didn't get one, and didn't need one. Isaiah has always taken his bottles room temperature. When we were using donated breast milk, we heated a cup of water in the microwave and put the milk into that to bring it to room temperature. Not a big deal.

7. Diaper Champ - I used this in the beginning, but it filled up so fast and was a pain to change the bag because it smelled so disgusting. I started walking each diaper to the garbage can we use after every changing and that works just as well. I don't like having the dirty diapers sit in his room either.

8. Baby Detergent - I went for All Free and Clear because I couldn't see myself spending the money on a specialty detergent. His skin is fine, and I'm happy.

9. Baby Bullet - I got one of these and returned it (it was from my mom, so no hard feelings). I was looking at it and realized that it's basically a food processor, and I already have two of those (and I think they both came from her anyway). I've been told though recently that my best bet is to use my immersion blender for purees, so that would be even easier.

10. Graco Snugride Travel System - I wasn't going to get this, but it was given to us as a gift. I loved the infant seat in the winter because I was able to keep him warmer, and if we went in somewhere I had a place for his newbornness to sit while we did what we were doing (eating, shopping, etc.). Now that he's getting to the point of sitting up himself, I'd much rather use the convertible carseat and Jeep stroller that I love. I gave the stroller that goes with this to my mom to keep at her house.

11. Sound Machine - When Isaiah was a newborn I had a water sound app on my phone, but we quickly switched to Blues, and now he doesn't listen to anything when he's going to sleep. He relaxes better with quiet at home, but will still fall asleep if we're in a noisy restaurant.

12. Bumbo - Isaiah's legs are a little too chunky for this, so I rarely use it. He's just ready for it now and once I get him in, I need help getting him out.


  1. Thanks! That's good to know. I've read about a few things on this list that said they were kind of useless like the wipe warmers. I mean my mom didn't have a wipe warmer when I was little and I'm fine. No weird cold wipe phobias or anything.

    1. Also, if the baby is used to warm wipes, they'll be in for a rude surprise when a diaper change happens away from home. :)

    2. That's very true! I didn't even think of that.

  2. My cousins husband is from the Dominican, and when he saw everything she registered for and got at her babyshower he was relatively appalled. He kept saying "But the baby doesn't need all this". Needless to say, the baby didn't, he was right. We're in a weird place because it was suggested to us to make a list to have ready, or a registry, in case we don't get time to plan and we get a placement, but because we're open to adopt ages 0-6, it's kind of hard to create lists for each phase...

  3. I will have to add that the boppy was a lifesaver in those early breastfeeding weeks. ;) Babies nurse non-stop the first couple weeks and it's very difficult to get a break to eat. It was nice to have that to lay her on so we could both eat at the same time. I never got into the baby bullet, I use my ninja if I want to puree, but E doesn't like pureed foods, lol she's a stinker. And I totally agree with the travel systems. haha I never got the infant seat for her, we just went straight to the convertible. To be honest I didn't even know they had formula mixers! They didn't have those when Khi was little haha



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