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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Two Months

As much as I tried to stop him, Isaiah turned two months anyway.
Stats from his one month appointment (28 days old):
Weight: 9lb 2.75oz - 50%
Height: 20.25in - 25%
Head: 14.75in - 75%

Two month appointment:
Weight: 11lb 15.25oz - 50%
Height: 22.25in - 25%
Head: 15.75in - 75%

Eating: We made the switch to Dr. Brown's bottles this month, and they actually seem to be working. We have/had a spit up issue, but the new bottles seem to be helping out a bit with that. I thought they were just overpriced gimmicky bottles, but it turns out they work for us.  

Sleep: Isaiah is still an amazing sleeper. He is still sleeping in the Rock N Play bassinet next to our bed, and seems extremely comfortable there. I've tried him in his crib a few times. He will sleep there for a short period of time, and I'm not forcing it, because I'm not entirely ready yet. Umbilical Hernia: It is still there. I don't see much of a change in it. It is still soft like the doctor said it should be, but it isn't going away quite yet. His doctor is still not concerned.  

New this month: Our baby started smiling like crazy this month. He's done the sleepy smiles since he was born, but we got our first awake smiles around 4 weeks. And they're not just for me smiles; he smiles for everyone. Isaiah started screaming (seemingly for fun, nothing was wrong), and it scared me to death. He also has this loud and long inhale noise that has startled me, my mom, and Josh. We've had a slobbery month too. He's drooling like crazy.
  Likes/Dislikes: Isaiah likes his floor mat with the piano. It has a mirror that he laughs at every time he lays down. He doesn't hate tummy time, but he would rather do his tummy time laying on someone's tummy. He likes to be swaddled, but also likes to fight the swaddle. He likes to listen to Michael Jackson, B.B. King, and whatever I'm singing to him. He got a CD player for his room, but we only have one CD, so we've been singing along with the radio a lot. He loves when my brothers sing the ABCs to him.  

As Parents: I personally think the second month was much easier than the first. I've sort of found my footing. Even though we're still having new things every day, I seem to take them better in stride. All of the smiling that Isaiah does helps so much to relieve stress and brighten our days. He's such a sweet baby, and we know he loves us. We do the dumbest things to make him happy too. I've never been afraid to look silly, but some of this stuff has me asking myself if I'm serious.


  1. He is so freaking adorable! :)

  2. Seriously. Cutest. Baby. Ever.

  3. Just wanted to tell you...I love your blog!

  4. He is just so cute and I am sure a happy baby must be a reflection of how awesome you are doing!



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