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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Well, Here I Am

I don't know if you noticed or not, but I haven't been posting. (If you didn't notice, its ok, it took me a while to notice too.)

Reasons why I haven't been here:
1. I haven't felt like it. I have a back log of photos to upload and nonsense to share with you, but you know what, I just haven't felt like it. I'm sure you have lots of other outlets for nonsense (right) and you've been surviving just fine.

2. I'm having a computer issue. I use our laptop to blog and for some reason the photo uploading is junk. I typically (always) write photo heavy posts, and this makes it difficult to do.

3. I've been at the gym. I don't know if you've been following me for three years or three days, but I have this battle with the gym. Either I'm a hard core lifter, or a hard core excuse maker. I'm always off and then on and then off and then on again. I've been pretty hard core on for three or four months now, and these past two or three weeks I've been at the gym. A lot. I have a new workout partner who is basically at the same lifting level I am, so it makes it more enjoyable to go. Josh has a friend he lifts with and I never understood why they would like to lift together so much, but I get it now. Also, I signed us back up at the Y. I liked Anytime Fitness, but it wasn't the same as the Y.

Speaking of hard core lifting, if you follow me on Twitter, you'd have seen a few weeks (a month) ago I competed in a power lifting competition. Joshua was supposed to compete with me, but he had an injured hamstring, so it was just me and our friend Kory. 

I decided to be patient and upload some photos so that you can see what I beast I am. You're welcome.

This is my squat max. 275lbs - my personal record. I attempted 300lbs and failed. I am pretty happy with 275lbs though.

 This would be me. In order to compete in a power lifting competition, you have to wear really, really sexy clothing. Naturally, I fit right in.
 This is Josh's friend Kory. He was super pumped because he won his division. He didn't know he was the only person in his weight class, but regardless, he dominated.
 This girl was my competition. I'm just calling her my competition to be nice. I could instead say something like "This big girl scared the bejeezus out of me, and I still beat her." And beat her I did.
 See how much more she's lifting than me? Doesn't matter. They do this thing called the Wilks Coefficient which is a super complicated calculation of weight lifted divided somehow by body weight. Since big girl is so much larger than me she obviously lifted more weight than I did. However, by doing the calculation, it was scientifically proven that I am stronger because I lifted more weight per pound of body weight. I hope you didn't think I was kidding when I said I am a beast.

Enough about her, back to me.

My totals were:
Squat: 275lbs
Bench: 115lbs
Deadlift: 315lbs
Total: 705lbs

And now I'm off to the gym again. Hopefully I'll be back before two more weeks go by without a single post.
What is new with you guys?

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  1. I did notice you weren't posting much! glad you are back. Thats awesome that you can lift like that. I am so weak!



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