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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Parks & Recreation & Popcorn

Seems like an odd mix, right?

Follow me, I'm going somewhere with this.

Do you ever watch this show? Joshua and I have off an on since it started. I really didn't think the first episode was all that funny, but Andy had one line that we continue to say to this day. He had just fallen into the pit and was sitting on Ann's couch and said "Hey, do you think you could make me some pancakes real quick?". I don't really know why, but we say it a lot.

So I found the second season on Netflix Instant and have been watching it for a couple days now.

The episode we watched today was called "The Camel" and Leslie Knope gave everyone the task of coming up with art for a new mural in the city hall building. On her painting she has, Michael Jackson, Larry Bird, John Mellencamp, David Letterman, and Greg Kinnear as Jesus.

Donna recreated The Last Supper but made each person a famous person from Indiana.

It was a really funny episode.

Now, I'm not criticizing the show or anything, but Donna did miss a famous person who has a particularly sweet spot in my appetite:

And here is a bit of history for you (yeah yeah, discredit my source, I don't care):
Redenbacher was born in Brazil, Indiana, and grew up on his family's farm where he sometimes sold popcorn in town from a roadside stand. He graduated from Brazil High School in 1924 and was in the top 5% of his class. He attended Purdue University, joining the agriculture-oriented Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity and the Purdue All-American Marching Band. He graduated with a degree in agronomy in 1928. He spent most of his life in the agriculture industry, serving as a Vigo County Farm Bureau extension agent in Terre Haute, Indiana, and at Princeton Farms in Princeton, Indiana. He earned a small fortune in fertilizer, but in his spare time, he indulged in his obsession. In 1951, he and partner Charlie Bowman bought the George F. Chester and Son seed corn plant near Valparaiso, Indiana. Naming the company "Chester Hybrids," they tried tens of thousands of hybrid strains of popcorn before achieving success.

I think he definitely should have made it into her mural.

So I told you that story to tell you this story:

I went to Wal-Mart tonight to get a few things. Ice melt, a black polo, a gray sweater-thing, and creamer. One stop shop. Anyway, last night when I went to Wal-Mart to do my grocery shopping (yes, I do live there. I'd like to think I'm preforming a culture experiment) I got this popping corn:

and this seasoning:

And when I was so angry tonight because the store was so busy, I came home and I ate them.

And it was wonderful.

You should try it. I highly recommend it.

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