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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Resolutions: Revisited

Last year I made a bunch of resolutions, and then forgot about them until just now.

I was starting this post to talk about my new resolutions for next year, but I think I should discuss last year's first.

My first resolution was to break up with Facebook, for good. Success. I've gotten back on to look at pictures a few times, but in July finally deleted all of my photos and friends so I wouldn't be tempted to get back on. I really like being without Facebook.
My second resolution was to get our finances in order and live on a budget. Half success, half fail. Our finances are in better shape, but I don't have us on a budget. I made a halfhearted attempt last January, but gave up when the receipts became overwhelming.

My third resolution was to stop saying the word "hate" and to stop cursing so often. Success. Joshua and I implemented a swear jar in our house, and I've stopped swearing. I think I may have stopped using the word "hate" as much, but I've started more with "don't like at all", "can't stand", or "makes me want to vomit". I don't know which is better. 

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