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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Coke Zero

I can't lie. A few years ago, I tried Coke Zero. I didn't care for it at first, but eventually got hooked. I even put it on one of my Friday Favorites posts.

I was on the Health & Fitness board of the Nest and someone was talking about how bad artificial sweeteners are for you. I blew it off, and if that person reads this blog, I want to apologize.

I thought I was sick for almost two months. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I had a bad bad headache for two months, along with a stomach ache, and fatigue.

I was trying to go through everything I was eating and doing to see if something was wrong with me. I was debating with myself about going to the doctor. I wanted to go because I wanted to feel better, but I knew if I went my doctor wouldn't be able to tell me anything. I had such broad symptoms that I knew it would be one of those, "watch your diet" or "maybe you have allergies". For about two weeks I was back and forth discussing it with Josh whether I should go or not.

I didn't really decide not to go, I just kind of didn't go.

I was sitting at my desk having lunch one day. I had noticed that my headache wasn't too bad. After lunch, my headache was back full force. I decided to do a little experiment right then. I was going to see what happened if I quit Coke Zero. I also spent a productive afternoon on Google trying to see if my suspicions were correct. After an extensive research project, I decided I had to be correct. I stopped drinking Coke Zero and my symptoms went away.

I think the big bad culprit of my issues was aspartame.

If you're interested in reading some about it, you can Google it too. I found a lot of contradicting articles. Half of the world says its ok for you, and the other half says no.

What do you think?

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