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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Happiness is sprinkles. Period.

I've been in quite a funk lately. I'm not particularly happy with my job, and while I do realize that complaining will not get me anywhere at all, I can't seem to make myself happy about it.

By some Christmas miracle, I had today off. The Saturday before Christmas. It's amazing. Joshua and I made plans to go to the Creation Museum in Kentucky because they have a Christmas program that we wanted to see. We went to the museum last year and both really liked it. Anyway, we woke up this morning to at least 3 inches of snow...and Cincinnati woke up to 4 inches of rain/snow...so we stayed in Fort Wayne. I was ok with it, I was going to get some stuff done around the house. I told my dad I'd go to the store with him to help with the boys, and then Josh and I were going to do a few things. That never happened. I got to the store with my dad and brothers, and when we tried to leave his truck wouldn't start (this truck has been the most problematic vehicle known to man). So Josh had to come get us, take grandma's groceries to her house, babysit the boys, and after all that I needed a dang nap.

So in short, nothing was accomplished today. Except one thing.

I have a cabinet that I organized a year ago when I first moved in. Joshua drinks tea, and I don't. I'm guessing that when I moved in there wasn't enough to fill the cabinet and then when we started getting wedding gifts, they just went onto the top shelf...where I cannot reach them. For a year I've had to stand on my toes just to get a measuring cup, and it is irritating. So tonight while I was waiting for the rice to cook for dinner, I rearranged the cabinet. Joshua's tea went to the top shelf, and my baking supplies went to the second shelf where I can reach them easier.

While I was cleaning I found these really cute jars that we got as a gift..and I forgot about them...oops. I didn't know what to do with them, so they went onto the top shelf, and then I never saw them again. I have this weird thing where I really don't like store packaging, and whenever I can I get rid of the boxes and put things into canisters or things like that. I hate opening a cabinet and feeling like labels are yelling at me. Yes, I am odd. I know. Anyway, I decided to put my sprinkles in the jars, and I love it.

Sprinkles make me happy. I told Josh that I'm such a psycho because my whole mood changed just by putting colored sugar into a glass jar. Check it out.

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