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Friday, February 6, 2009

Excuse Me, Comcast?

How am I supposed to watch Good Morning America this morning if the cable is out? I mean it. How? I won't be able to sit and cry about the cute stories. AND I won't be able to see the interview with the eight baby woman. Dumb Comcast. They ruin everything.

In unrelated news, me, mom, and Lisa went to our reception hall last night for their annual tasting. It was awesome. We got great ideas, and we know what we want when we go to finalize everything on the 21st. Here are the centerpieces I picked.

This is the short one, but they have giant ones too. I'm going to have giant ones on half the tables and these short ones on the other halves. They looked so cool. I'm glad things are coming together.

I am meeting with Leah, our baker, this Sunday to finalize the cake. I'm glad I saw this before we met, because I would be changing it, this is very different than my idea I was going to use. We are going to have to change little things so it looks right for us, but I definitely want to see if she can model it off of this one. I'm sure she can, she is great.

Wow. The day I've waited over a year for is almost here. And surprisingly, I'm ready for it. I can't wait to marry Joshua.

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  1. love the centerpieces & the cake! hard to believe our weddings are almost here!



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